Dealers At Caesars Palace Casino In Vegas Vote To Join UAW

Dealers At Caesars Palace Casino In Vegas Vote To Join UAW

Caesars Palace, one of the biggest Casinos owned and operated by the Caesars Entertainment Corp. has been in the news of late as the table game dealers at the facility announced to join the UAW, a Detroit-based labor union.

UAW is a labor organization that represents over 40,000 workers from across industries in different sectors all across the United States and Canada.

The workers at one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas ( Caesars Palace has 125,000-square-foot casino floor) voted to join the labor organization. The move to join the UAW came with a whopping 371-12 majority in favor of the motion.

It is reported that almost 550 workers and dealers currently at Caesars Palace participated in the Voting.

It is another move of its kind from casino workers in two weeks. Last week, 1470 dealers working at Caesars-owned Bally’s Harrah’s, Paris, and Wynn Resorts’ Las Vegas casinos in a similar move voted to join the UAW.

Talking about the Caesars Palace vote to join the labor union, the union president Gary Jones said that he was excited to have Caesars Palace “vote to be allowed to join what are now over 10,000 casino workers in the UAW.”

Welcoming the move by the Caesars Palace dealers and the new union members, Vance Pearson, Director of UAW Region 5, said in a statement to the press that they “look forward to getting down to business and bargaining great contracts.”

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