Japan Limits Casino And Gambling Advertisements To Immigration Areas Only

Japan Limits Casino And Gambling Advertisements To Immigration Areas Only

On Tuesday, the Japanese Government issued an enforcement order to restrict Casino and Gambling related ads only to immigration areas for overseas visitors. It includes both the air and sea terminals where visitors arrive.

The enforcement order forms a part of the law that came into effect last year which legalized integrated resorts with Casinos to get more international visitors and tax revenues.

With this new order, the government’s goal is to make casino related ads virtually invisible to the local population. It is also being seen as a strategic move to keep the natives away from gambling.

The casino and gambling ads are also to be banned in all areas including those which are near to the integrated casino resorts.

The enforcement order was approved in a Cabinet meeting today and will come into effect from coming Monday.
An addition to the requirements for Integrated resorts was also made.

The Casino operators should host their facilities in hotels which are larger and have a conference room along with exhibition halls.

The hotels’ built-up area should also be more than 100,000 square meters for guest rooms. Also, the maximum floor space for Casinos in the hotel should not be more than 3 percent of the total area of the property.

It means that the local governments planning to have casinos in their areas will require massive funding from big corporate houses.

According to a report by Japan Times, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a government meeting on the issue before the Cabinet approval that Japan will aim for casino resorts of “unprecedentedly large scale and high quality.”

According to reports in the local media, with the new regulations and stricter space requirements, from 20 prominent Japanese cities that are qualified to host legalized integrated casino resorts, only three will be applying for the screening process. These are Osaka, Wakayama, and Nagasaki.

With the new law, international operators are already eyeing at the emerging casino and gambling markets in Japan.

The Central government will constitute a special committee to monitor the casinos.

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