Will Macau Introduce A “Tourist Tax” ?

Will Macau Introduce A "Tourist Tax" ?

The demands for restricting the number of tourists visiting Macau has been raised even in the Macau legislative assembly. However, that did not get much support from the majority of lawmakers.

However, it is becoming increasingly hard to deny that excessive tourism is taking a toll on Macau’s infrastructure and everyday life of the locals.

To address the situation, Macau could introduce either a cap on the number of tourists or may charge a “tourist tax.”
Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, bureau head of Macao Government Tourism Office, who is in favor of such a move said, “We are conducting a comparative study of [tourist] taxes being implemented in places like Venice [in Italy]… and Japan.”

Talking about the new study, she said that the goal is to understand the purpose behind such a taxation policy that exists in global tourist locations. She also, explained that though the locations which are a part of the study have not introduced a “tourist tax” as they wanted to limit the number of tourists in the first place. According to Fernandes, the goal is to increase revenue from tourism.

In his response to the new underlying proposal, Grant Bowie, MGM China Holdings CEO said: “Frankly, I think the government of Macau is particularly fortunate and has a very sustainable and solid financial position at this point.”

Earlier this month, Macau Legislator Sulu Sou had also brought in a proposal to put a cap on the number of tourists visiting Macau. He cited growing congestion in traffic and increasing rents as a problem for the locals.

Also, reports suggest that as of the 2018 estimates, Macau has a significantly high number of visitors than it can support.

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