Denmark To Restrict Gambling Ads, “Spillemyndigheden” Proposes Amendment To Existing Gambling Act

Denmark To Restrict Gambling Ads, "Spillemyndigheden" Proposes Amendment To Existing Gambling Act

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Denmark; as such the challenges for the authorities have increased. Earlier this month, citing consumer protection as their top priority, the Danish authorities introduced a new code for the gambling industry in the country. The intent behind bringing such a code was to create a better gambling environment in terms of consumer protection and also making the Danish gambling industry more attentive and accountable for problem gamblers.

Now Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, has come up with a proposal to amend the Danish Gambling Act. The new amendment will limit the gambling ads and considerably restrict its visibility primarily to keep them away from mediums to which children and young have access to.

The core idea behind the proposed amendment is to make sure that gambling remains as an adult entertainment activity and not become a problem for the younger generation.

The gambling authority said, β€œA new code of conduct should be considered a benchmark and only a minimum requirement for the gambling industry,” said the body.

In its statement about the new proposal, it said that β€œan opportunity to set limits and tools in place that go even further than required by law. This includes preparing clear frameworks for game advertising content and ensuring that the amount of advertising is reduced and restrictions are in place.”

The amendment of the existing gambling act will restrict gambling ads from being aired on live television and even radio.

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