Washington Gambling Commission Warns Gamblers

Washington Gambling Commission Warns Gamblers

If you’re in Washington and often or occasionally participate in office sports betting pool with your colleagues or you’ve been a fan of fantasy sports, then you might get in trouble. Washington State Gambling Commission has warned that all bracket pools, office sports pools, and fantasy sports are not regulated in the state.

According to the commission, anybody participating in such activities is indulging in an illegal act as they are not authorized as “gambling activities” in Washington state.

Jim Nagle, Prosecuting Attorney, Walla Walla county cleared the air in regards to the gambling activities and related laws that are into effect in Washington State.

Taking a dig at common misconceptions about the gambling laws in the state Nagel said,
“Your best bet, no pun intended, if you don’t want to figure out what the laws are and what you can and cannot do is go to one of the casinos on one of the tribal properties.”

In terms of legal provisions, he said that when two people make a bet amongst themselves, there is no defined regulation. Offering his suggestion to those who have any question related to bracket pools or sports office pools, he added that they should be contacting the Washington State Gambling Commission or can also visit the commission’s website for further information.

The Washington State Gambling Commission makes it clear that any gambling activity unless explicitly specified as legal and authorized is illegal and punishable.

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