Won But Lost, New Jersey Regulators Seize $107,000

Won But Lost, New Jersey Regulators Seize $107,000

Imagine what it feels like winning at a premium venue and not being able to take the trophy home. That could happen if you don’t comply with the regulations.

In New Jersey, the regulators have seized over $107,000. The cash was won by those who were are not allowed to be in a casino in the first place.

At the Borgata casino in New Jersey, the regulators have seized the winnings from the underage players and identified problem gamblers.

The state Division of Gaming Enforcement has revealed the data and details of the operation to confiscate the sums won by the prohibited. The gaming enforcement has also slammed an $81,000 penalty on bwin.party, the online casino and gambling partner of the Borgata casino.

The seized winnings are from those who are below the age of 21, the legal age to participate in any gambling activity. It also included problem gamblers who had signed up to self-exclude themselves from gambling. The Casino operator was fined as it allowed them to participate in gambling activities in the first place.

According to a statement issued to the press by the Borgata casino, they have emphasized that they are committed to complying with the existing regulations and it was them who had reported it to the authorities.

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