No Smoking At Casinos In Greece

No Smoking At Casinos In Greece

If you smoke and you’re a casino lover, there’s bad news. You can’t smoke at casinos in Greece. While you may be thinking that at least there would be a private covered space for smokers at Casinos, but in Greece, not anymore.

The highest judicial authority in Greece, the Council of State has banned smoking at casinos and all other entertainment venues that have an area of more than 300 square meters. The decision that came on Wednesday renders the previous law null and void which did allow smoking in restricted covered areas specially built for smoking at casinos and bigger entertainment venues.

The law earlier which came into effect after a 2011 ministerial decision limited the ban on smoking to only stores and healthcare facilities. The casinos and entertainment venues were exempt. They were only required to create a dedicated smoking area which had to be separated and covered.

The venues that allow smoking in covered spaces were required to pay an annual fee of 200 euros for every square meter of the smoking zone.

Citing the treaty with the World Health Organization (WHO) which says that Greece is committed to restricting smoking in the country, the Council Of State altogether banned smoking in casinos.

The nonprofit group “Minyma Zois” (Message of Life) led the petition filed with the council to restrict smoking at casinos and bigger entertainment venues.

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