Search Operation Ongoing At A Game Room In Waco Texas, One Arrested

Search Operation Ongoing At A Game Room In Waco Texas, One Arrested

A search operation is currently underway at a game room in Waco, Texas. According to the latest reports coming from the local press, the Waco Police Department has cracked down on a game room and the search is ongoing.

The reports claim that the search operation is being carried out as the police department had confirmed information about illegal gambling activities going on at the Smoke & More, located at 1929 W Waco Drive in Texas.

While the official statement by the Waco Police Department is yet to come, it is being said by sources that one person has already been arrested from the location and has been taken into custody by the police.

Update: Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton, who was a part of the raid informed the local press that they have seized 12 gambling machines from the location. These were being used to run illegal gambling operations at the makeshift game room which is a smoke shop.

Warning against illegal gambling operations Swanton also said, “Keep in mind, if you are running an illegal gambling operation in Waco, chances are we have already been in your business. Most likely we will be back with a search warrant at some point.”

The raid took place at around 2pm and members of SWAT and undercover police officers from the Waco Police department were also a part of the raid.

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