No Slot Gaming Machines Outside Casinos, Warns Polish Ministry Of Finance

No Slot Gaming Machines Outside Casinos, Warns Polish Ministry Of Finance

Poland’s Ministry of Finance has issued warnings against using gaming machines outside casinos and gaming salons in the country. In a statement, the Ministry said that those who are found violating the regulation might have charges pressed against them.

Poland’s gambling act allows for slot machine games to be installed and used only inside the casinos and in closed premises in an area dedicated to gaming and gambling.

The statement read “obtaining the opinion of the testing unit, authorized by the Minister of Finance, from the technical examination of the machine does not guarantee the legality of its operation outside the casino and the games room. Only the decision of the Minister of Finance on the non-gambling character of the game on a given device ensures that such activity is carried out in accordance with the law.”

“Such a unit, which acts under the authority of the Minister of Finance, carries out technical tests of machines, random devices and gaming devices provided in the regulations, and issues opinions from these tests”.
The statement further read, “this opinion merely states that the tested machine or gaming device meets (or does not) technical conditions.”

In regards to the legality of the slot machines, the ministry made it clear that no other device unless officially certified from the ministry of finance should be installed.

Being strict about the opinion-based installation of machines at venues without having a proper officials certification of devices the ministry warned that “such opinions do not authorize the lawful operation of such machines, and their use may expose the owners of premises to legal liability.”

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