Dutch Gambling Regulator Cracks Down On Illegal Gambling Operations, Cash Machines Seized

Dutch Gambling Regulator Cracks Down On Illegal Gambling Operations, Cash Machines Seized

In a serious drive to crack down on illegal gambling activities in the country, the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) seized a number of “Cash Center” with cash machines.

The gambling regulator is operating in association with the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. They have been jointly probing the illegal gambling activities rampant on cash machines installed at the makeshift “cash-centers” in the country. The KSA has started seizing such machines and locking the facilities to curb unauthorised gambling.

The regulators have already identified people who they believe are involved in running unauthorised gambling activities. In a statement to the press the authorities said that they have identified 14 suspects. These suspects own cash machines and also illegal websites associated with gambling operations in the country.

The KSA said that there are operators who do not have the necessary permissions and they allow use of cash machines to deposit and withdraw funds from online betting accounts through unauthorised gambling websites.

The modus operandi of these unlicensed operators involves creating a fake account anonymously and then bet on sports events. The winnings are withdrawn at these cash centres with cash machines.

In a similar drive to curb illegal gambling activities the KSA had raided the premises of some licensed operators which were involved in distributing cash centres to retailers. They had also seized some documents and machines from these facilities last year.

In March the Dutch KSA had also announced heavy penalties for Dutch gambling operators who served the natives without due permissions.

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