Chinese Police Goes Creative Busting Illegal Gambling Dens With Drone

Chinese Police Goes Creative Busting Illegal Gambling Dens With Drone

Chinese police officials have gone creative in busting illegal gambling dens across the country.

Gambling is legal only in Macau which is Chinese territory. Gambling is illegal in mainland China; however, illegal gambling activities are on the rise. In a recent drive to curb and crack down on such unlawful gambling operations, the police in China used sophisticated drones to capture evidence and arrest those involved in such activities.

The gambling den that was raided after video footage of the illegal activities and gamblers was captured using a drone, was located on the outskirts and in isolation. The problem for the authorities was that these gambling Dens were continuously shifting from one place to another. As such, to track them was a challenge.

With the help of the drone, the police would not only bust the illegal gambling den, but they also identified thirty-five suspects. The video footage was released to the local media helped them get to the offenders.

13 of the 35 suspects identified in by the footage were arrested as they made an effort to escape from the scene. The police also seized about 30,000 yuan ($4,500) and different types of gambling equipment.

A suspect caught in the raid said that he had a massive gambling debt and had lost more than 1 million yuan ($148,000). He claimed that he had to sell his house to pay the debts. The perpetrators who were running the gambling venue have been arrested.

Participating in gambling activities in China can lead to 3 years in jail while organizing gambling activities could get ten years in prison.

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