Rap Superstar Drake Gets Into eSports Betting

Rap Superstar Drake Gets Into eSports Betting

US rap superstar Drake is getting into eSports betting. Yes you heard that right!

Drake is not a committed gambler but he is an investor in Player’s Lounge, an eSports betting company.
Drake has been associated with venture capital firms like Comcast Ventures and Canaan.

Co-founder at Player’s Lounge Austin Woolbridge, has revealed that Drake has contributed to creating the esports betting platform. He also admitted that because of Drake investing in his vision, his company could manage to secure $3 million in funding with some big silicon valley investors interested in their project.

According to Woolridge he created Player’s Lounge “because it was tough to fit more than five people in a New York City apartment.” He says it is a platform where gamers can play against members on the platform and win multiple prizes. While the platform is already operational the company is looking to expand seeking further investments.

Talking about the future plans of the company Woolbridge said, “In 2019 we plan on expanding our development team, supporting more games, adding streaming functionality and creating new formats for our community to compete in. We’re growing like crazy, but it still feels like we’re cultivating a tight-knit community of gamers and doing something we love—if we do our job right, that’s always how Players’ Lounge will be.”

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