Chasing A High Roller’s Debts Worth $43 Million, Australian Star Gold Coast Casino Reaches Singapore High Court

Chasing A High Roller's Debts Worth $43 Million, Australian Star Gold Coast Casino Reaches Singapore High Court

The Australian Star Gold Coast Casino is pushing to get $43 million from a high roller who has now flown out of the country after handing them a blank check which bounced afterward.

Wong Yew Choy was invited as a VIP to the gold coast casino in July last year. He had spent five days at the facility trying his luck at baccarat. However, wong made subsequent losses each day.

However, he claims that it wasn’t that he lost, but it was a mistake by the dealers at the casino and that he had informed the management who had acknowledged his complaints.

Wong has denied paying the Star Gold Coast Casino.

With no negotiations coming their way the Star Casino has moved to the Singapore High Court to get their claim.
In a statement to the press, a Star spokesperson said, “We are pursuing the debt vigorously. The Star is disappointed with the situation involving Wong Yew Choy has forced us to escalate the matter to the Singapore High Court.”

Mr. Wong has refuted the claims by the casino and has said that he also has a letter from the management that acknowledges there were mistakes, and so he isn’t going to make any further payments.

The letter read, “This mistake, and the others you have experienced during your visit, have had no direct financial impact to you as, where necessary, appropriate compensation was provided at the time.”

However, it nowhere mentions that the $43 million that Mr.Wong lost will be waived off. The Star Gold Coast is firm with its claim and is positive about recovering the debts.

“We would not be wasting the court’s time unless we felt our position was extremely robust,” the Star spokesperson said.

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