Soon You May See Florida Lottery Tickets With A Warning Saying It Can Be Addictive

Soon You May See Florida Lottery Tickets With A Warning Saying It Can Be Addictive

You shouldn’t be surprised to a see a warning if you purchase a lottery ticket in Florida the next time you plan to try your luck.

Soon Florida lottery tickets could have a warning printed to manifest the “addictive nature of gambling.” CBS Miami reports that Florida’s House Commerce Committee has approved a bill on Thursday which would make it necessary for lottery tickets to show that gambling can be addictive.

Florida House representatives Will Robinson, R-Bradenton had introduced the bill in the house. The bill (HB629) states that lottery ticket vendors in Florida will have to explicitly put a warning on the face of all lottery tickets. It also requires the Florida State Lottery to issue an advisory in this regard on all the advertisements and promotion tools.

According to Rep. Will Robinson, all lottery tickets in Florida should have a warning written as “Warning: Playing a Lottery game constitutes gambling and may lead to addiction and/or compulsive behavior. The chances of winning a big prize are very low.”

The bill is yet to be heard by the respective committees in the Senate; however, it has already been filed by Republican Senator Keith Perry.

Today, the commerce committee of the house approved the bill for hearing in the full house.

Earlier, Lottery Secretary Jim Poppell had said that this year the State Lottery would have even more in revenues than last year. For the financial year 2017-2018 the revenue from the sale of lotteries was a record $6.7 billion.

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