Greece Delays Casino License Application, Several Ministerial Approval Pending

Greece Delays Casino License Application, Several Ministerial Approval Pending

The deadlines to tender an application for a Casino license in Greece has been extended. Greece had earlier announced an €8 billion integrated resort project for which operators and developers were asked to submit an application.

The application date has been extended from April,22 to May 31, 2019. The €8 billion integrated resort is to be developed at the same site as that of the erstwhile Ellinikon International Airport. The airport was built in 1938.

Greek’s gaming and gambling regulatory authority, the Hellenic Gaming Commission, had announced in February, earlier this year, that operators may join the competitive selection process to get the venue license by submitting an application.

However, there are issues facing the new development which are yet to be settled. The deadline has been extended for more than 30 days due to pending approvals from other concerned authorities.

Ellinikon International Airport was closed down in 2001. It had been one of the famous international airports in Greece for the last sixty years. Then following the crisis facing the country, as a part of the privatization policy that came in 2010, the airport site was to be redeveloped into an integrated resort.

There are multiple pending decisions from several different authorities yet to be approved for the project to take off. Some like the environmental impact study of the new development would take longer. All these cold further delay the application and the competitive bidding process.

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