Why More Swedish Women Are Getting Addicted To Gambling?

Why More Swedish Women Are Getting Addicted To Gambling?

Women in Sweden are increasingly getting addicted to gambling. As such the number of women with compulsive gambling issues is at an all-time high in the country. A new report suggests that the number of women facing gambling problems has risen significantly over the last three years.

Folkhälsomyndigheten, Sweden’s public health agency said in its report that over 45,000 people in Sweden have compulsive gambling issues.

The agency surveyed 5,000 different individuals and has concluded in its recent report that 64% of those having serious gambling problems are women.

Just over three years ago only 18% of women had severe gambling issues. Moreover, over a decade ago the number of women problem gamblers was negligible.

According to experts and the public health agency officials, the sharp rise in the number of women facing gambling issues is because there is less attention towards women as most preventive measures were intended for men.

In an interview with Euronews, Ulla Romild from Folkhälsomyndigheten, said, “One reason may be the changes in the gambling market with gambling easily accessed online.”

“Another reason may be that preventive measures are formed to fit male gamblers that used to be the absolute majority of people having serious gambling problems,” she added.

“I’d rather say about half-half since I cannot prove they are in the majority reporting 64% is not wrong in itself, but it should be considered as an estimate, not the exact truth.”

Last month the Swedish gambling regulatory body, Spelinspektionen, had also announced strict measures to limit gambling related advertisements in order to make gambling ads less visible.

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