NCAA Seeks To Ban Athletes From Betting On Sports Events

NCAA Seeks To Ban Athletes From Betting On Sports Events

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), is seeking to ban athletes from placing wagers on sports events.

NCAA says that allowing athletes to place bets on sports events could give rise to corruption and malpractices including match-fixing in major college level sports events.

NCAA president Mark Emmert who recently advocated banning athletes from sports betting said “ We want a prohibition. The membership wants a prohibition of athletes gambling in any sports, period.”

It should be noted that one of NCAA’s biggest events the March Madness has recently ended and with the US Supreme Court legalizing sports betting it has been reported that wagers in excess of USD 8 million were placed during this event.
NCCA has always been opposed to legalizing sports betting in the country; so much so that it worked with other major organizations to lead the campaign against legalizing sports betting.

NCCA says that because college athletes do not get any remuneration for participating in sports and as such they are more vulnerable to being bribed and resort to match-fixing.

The organization stands for a complete ban on college athletes from participating in any sports betting activities whatsoever.

NCAA president Mark Emmert also said that “We’ve obviously talked to [Rep. Mark Walker] and are trying to understand his position and trying to make sure he understands ours. There is very likely to be in the coming months, even more, discussion about the whole notion of name, image, and likeness, and how it fits into or doesn’t fit into the current legal framework and the environment of college sports.”

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