All Gambling Operations Shut Down, Sovereign Base Area Sanitised: SBA Police

All Gambling Operations Shut Down, Sovereign Base Area Sanitised: SBA Police

The SBA Police confirmed on Tuesday that all illegal casinos operating in the Sovereign Base Area have now been shut down.

The drive to put an end to illegal gambling operations in the area was started in 2014. Now, four years after, the SBA police have announced that of the 9 nine illegal casinos that were operating in the area, four years ago, none are operational today.

The entire crackdown process witnessed seizure of over €31,000 in cash, prison sentence to ten people involved with illegal gambling activities and 30 other fined for complying with the unlicensed gambling operators.

On behalf of the SBA police, Superintendent Dinos Petrou spoke to the press at the Akrotiri police station. Assuring that all illegal gambling operations have been shut in the Sovereign Base Area, he said, “We have been working tirelessly for the past four years now to ensure that we close down all of these illegal casinos and today we are delighted to be able to confirm, that it has now happened.
“We have donated a considerable amount of police hours to combating this crime, and through the outstanding work of our officers and with the help of our partners at the Cyprus Police, who have played a major role alongside us, we have been able to succeed and bring many offenders to justice.We seized close to 1,500 PCs, so as part of our community policing we decided to use them to benefit the local schools.”

“We have very good relationships with many of the schools both inside and outside of the SBAs, so we donated some of the computers to them to help with the students’ education,” Petrou added.

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