Louisiana Lawmakers To Discuss Sports Betting Bills As The Legislative Session Begins

Louisiana Lawmakers To Discuss Sports Betting Bills As The Legislative Session Begins

As Louisiana state legislative sessions start, bills to legalize sports betting have also been introduced in the house.

In this session of the legislative assembly, several proposals advocating legalization of sports betting operation in the state will be discussed by the lawmakers.

Following the successful legalization of sports betting in neighboring states, the lawmakers in favor of such a move believe that this year they could see it approved by the house.

Senator Danny Martiny’s bill is considered to be the most significant one amongst those introduced.

It calls for legalizing sports betting and allowing the existing gambling venues and facilities to accept wagers on sports events.

However, the bill doesn’t allow placing sports beyond the gambling venues which include racinos and casinos. A similar online betting regulation as that of Mississippi is proposed in the bill.

Also, on the same lines, a bill has been brought before the House Of Representatives by Rep. Cedric Glover. While the bill is mostly the same as that of Senator Martiny, it excludes any talks on the legalization of online sports betting.

Sports betting bills in Louisiana is nothing new. Betting advocates have long been proposing to legalize sports betting without much success.

The sports betting legalization faces stiff opposition from religious and conservative groups.

While the proponents of legalizing sports betting in the state seem to be enthusiastic, there are multiple challenges, and it is unlikely that the bill is approved in its current form.

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