PointsBet Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Violating NSW Betting and Racing Act, Fined $20,000

PointsBet Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Violating NSW Betting and Racing Act, Fined $20,000

PointsBet, Australian Betting Operator, has been fined $20,000 after the company pleaded guilty to the charges of posting illegal gambling advertisement at a Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday 9 April.

The Company accepted that they had violated the NSW (New South Wales) gambling advertising laws.

Earlier this week the downing centre court also slapped a fine of $2500 on Sportschamp for violating the NSW gambling advertising laws.

The Liquor & Gaming NSW had been investigating the “illegal advertisement” which was posted both on the PointsBet App and in the Apple store.

The Ad post which was deemed illegal read ‘ALL 40+ METRO RACES RUN 2ND UP TO $100 BACK’ asking participants to open a betting account with the operator.

The NSW Betting and Racing Act explicitly states that it is illegal to publish “a gambling advertisement that offers any inducement to participate, or participate frequently, in any gambling activity (including an inducement to open a betting account).”

While Magistrate GS gill accepted that the advertisement would not have been easily visible on the Apple App Store, he said that it still can invite people to open an account with PointsBet.

Magistrate G J Still accepted that the advertisement may not have been easy to find on the Apple App Store but said it had the potential to drive people in the direction of PointsBet online.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Sean Goodchild, Director of Compliance Operations, Liquor & Gaming NSW, maintained that the PointsBet’s advertisement has undoubtedly offered an inducement to gamble.

“Betting operators have an obligation to ensure that all advertising complies with NSW laws on gambling advertising,” he said.

“Inducements are known to increase the risk of gambling harm so any breaches are taken seriously, which is reflected in the $20,000 fine.”

“Under new laws that came into effect in July 2018, wagering operators, if found guilty of promoting inducements to gamble face fines of up to $55,000 per offence and company directors can be criminally prosecuted,” he added.

Earlier this week PointsBet also signed a sponsorship deal with Cronulla Sharks. According to the deal, PointsBet will now appear on their jerseys and even the Sharks stadium will be renamed as PointsBet Stadium.

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