Record Bet On Tiger Woods Comeback Win, $85,000 On A Single Ticket

Record Bet On Tiger Woods Comeback Win, $85,000 On A Single Ticket

Just when you would think that the time is up for the Tiger Woods for a comeback, you may want to think twice because an unidentified gambler in Nevada has placed a bet of $85,000 on the Golf Star – confident that the champion would win the Masters title starting Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

The bet if won would bring him $1.2 million. Also, with odds 14 to 1, this ticket could be the biggest to pay out for the bookmaker William Hill Plc.

It is one of the biggest odds and the highest liability ticket for William Hills in the last seven years. The current favorite is Rory McIlroy.

For Tiger Woods, it has been a long time since he has won any major tournament. The last time he won was in 2008 on the PGA tour.

Woods had been surrounded by controversies and also has suffered injuries. He faced a divorce case, was involved with substance abuse and also associated with sex scandals.

The latest victory for Woods was at the Tour Championship in 2018.

Despite being out of the loop, it seems that Tiger Woods still has a huge fan base who would want to see him come back.

While the odds are against him winning the Augusta Masters title on Sunday, it turns out that he is a gambling hot pick; at least for the one who is wagering $85,000 on the golfer.

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