State Lotteries Do Not Come Under The Purview Of The Wire Act: US Department Of Justice

State Lotteries Do Not Come Under The Purview Of The Wire Act: US Department Of Justice

The US Department of Justice in it latest statement has said that the state lotteries are exempt from the controversial wire act. The new statement comes as a revision of the justice department’s new stance on the 1961 Wire Act.

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, has made it clear that the state lotteries won’t come under the purview of the new opinion of the Justice Department about the Wire Act .

The memorandum which exempts state lotteries was filed in the current lawsuit between The memo was filed and made public in New Hampshire and the DoJ. The lawsuit was filed by NeoPollard, the operator that runs the New Hampshire lottery, over the revised opinion of the Department of Justice in regards to the Wire Act on February 15, 2019.

The memo reads that ”The OLC opinion did not address whether the Wire Act applies to State lotteries and their vendors. The Department is now reviewing that question. Department of Justice attorneys should refrain from applying Section 184(a) to State lotteries and their vendors, if they are operating as authorized by State law, until the Department concludes its review.”

It also states that though state lotteries are exempt; however, if they are not then they would have to comply with the regulations within 90 days.

The US Department of Justice has been embroiled in controversy when it reversed its opinion on the wire act. The act which was originally drafted to restrict betting over telegram or telephone came into existence in 1961.

However, with the Justice Department bringing in all forms of gambling including lotteries in the purview of the wire act has given rise to controversies with many different companies and states challenging the opinion.

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