Will Nebraska Authorize Casino Gambling At Horse Race Tracks?

Will Nebraska Authorize Casino Gambling At Horse Race Tracks?

Nebraska is losing a significant amount of money by falling behind its neighboring states to regulate gambling – a campaign committee by the name of “Keep the Money In Nebraska” is pushing to legalize casino gambling at Nebraska’s horse race tracks.

In a release to the press, the Committee announced that they had filed a petition with the office of the Secretary of State’s seeking a constitutional amendment to authorize casino gambling at horse tracks in Nebraska.

The two organizations that have formed the committee are Ho-Chunk Inc a part of the Winnebago Tribe that owns and operates owns the Atokad track in South Sioux City and Nebraska Horsemen’s Nebraska Benevolent Protection Association.

The campaign involves collecting signatures in favor of a constitutional amendment to allow casino gambling at racetracks before the general elections in 2020.

The campaign committee has said that by regulating casino gambling at racetracks, the state could generate about $50 million additional tax revenue and which could be utilized to fund public education.

Reports estimate the Nebraska gamblers spend more than $500 million a year at casinos in neighboring states. The campaign committee also pointed out that many other states are gaining significant tax revenues by allowing regulated gambling.

Commercial casinos are authorized to operate in Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, and Missouri.

Experts and analysts share the opinion with the campaign committee and have said that it could also boost the race tracks in the state. The race tracks in Nevada posted total revenue of $67.9 million in 2017.

It is not the first time such a campaign is organized. In 2016 the same organizations campaigned for authorizing casino gambling at race tracks in the state and had gathered 120,000 signatures.

However, of the 120,000 signatures over 40,000 were found to be fake and therefore there was no voting on the issue.

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