Kindred CEO Calls For One Uniform European Market For Online Casino And Gambling

Kindred CEO Calls For One Uniform European Market For Online Casino And Gambling

Kindred CEO, Henrik Tjärnström is pushing for one market for EU in the online casino and gambling industry

Speaking at an event in Brussels about the “2019 European Elections: The Case For and Against the EU” he asked the lawmakers in Europe to create a homogenous EU market for online gambling and related industries. POLITICO and European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) organized the event.

Talking about the idea of creating a uniform EU market Tjärnström said: “At Kindred, we saw an opportunity in the rise of the Internet, and the benefits of a common single market where all EU citizens could enjoy the same products and services as their neighbors. Our purpose has always been to give our customers a better, fairer, and safer online gambling experience, driven by technology.”

While he favored the use of technology which is suggested that can be capitalized to provide better consumer experience and protection he also mentioned the drawbacks and challenges associated with the increasing dependency on technology for businesses.

While he agreed that technology makes it easy, he pointed out that it can also make consumers vulnerable. Tjärnström called for “greater responsibility” for casino and gambling operators.

Urging the European Lawmakers to create a uniform EU market he said, “The EU has always been a strong advocate for consumers through the single market. However, it needs to work better, particularly for online consumers. That’s why I’m particularly pleased that the European Council recently concluded that digital single market rules need to be more efficient, and better enforced, and barriers should be removed.”

Earlier this month Kindred had also struck a deal with Gaming Innovation Group Inc. to strengthen compliance measures.

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