With Several Bills In The House, Maine May Legalize Sports Betting By 2020

With Several Bills In The House, Maine May Legalize Sports Betting By 2020

With several US states legalizing sports betting, Maine could soon be one of those to allow sports wager within its jurisdiction.

According to the reports, this could be possible by 2020; currently, there are at least three different bills already in the State House which call for legalizing sports betting in the state.

It was in May 2018 when the US Supreme Court allowed states to offer sports betting which was not legal earlier. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, many US states brought new laws and regulations legalizing sports betting.

One of the reasons why more and more states are regulating sports betting is the fact that it brings in a significant amount in tax revenue each year. Maine lawmakers are also now aiming to capitalize on the opportunity to increase the state’s tax revenues by regulating sports betting.

Representative Jeffrey Evangelos, who has introduced one such bill to the house says that Maine should not be lagging in benefitting from what the US Supreme Court had already legalized a year ago.

However, in the house, there is a mixed opinion on the issue, and many are opposed to bringing sports betting to the state. Those in opposition do not find the reports suggesting an increase in revenue to be reliable enough. Also, they say that there is a lack of any credible study estimating the size of the illegal sports betting market in the state.

Moreover, some lawmakers have voiced their concerns about the ill-effects of legalizing sports betting and have said that the move can be counter-productive.

They have been saying that legalizing sports betting will lead to increased corruption in sports events and that it would also trigger the number of people suffering from compulsive gambling.

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