UK Lawmakers Want To Increase Charity Lottery Sales Limits

UK Lawmakers Want To Increase Charity Lottery Sales Limits

A significant number of parliamentarians in the UK are trying to have the charity lottery sales limits increased. According to a survey where members were asked if they are in favor of an increase in the charity lottery sales limits at least 55% of British MPs stood for the increase.

Attempts to increase the charity lottery sales limits were made last year as well; however, it failed, but following the poll results it seems that there is a renewed interest in the lawmakers to increase the charity lottery limits.

MP David Amess says that the extension of the limits is the need of the hour, as it will allow fundraising for better purposes.

Explaining his take on the issue, MP Amess said, “Charity lotteries do great work in raising money for good causes and charities across the country.”

“With the stroke of a pen, culture secretary Jeremy Wright and charity minister Mims Davies have an opportunity to dramatically increase the amount of funding available to the charity sector. My colleagues and I urge them to take it,” he added.

Mp Miles Briggs who is also in favor of increasing the limits said that the move would have “an immediate and very positive impact on the level of funding available to charities.”He also said that with increased limits the funding for many different projects could be made increasingly sustainable.

“The government has an opportunity to make a decision that will be of obvious benefit to charities and good causes,” he asserted.

Amidst all this, the UKGC is strict with its commitment to ensuring consumer protection and has warned operators from violating the new regulation which limits the maximum betting on FOBTs to 2 GBP – which was earlier 100 GBP – will have to face penalties and even administrative action.

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