Want To Make A Career In Gambling? Get A Degree In Gambling Management

Want To Make A Career In Gambling? Get A Degree In Gambling Management

If you’re going to make a career in Gambling, you can now have a specialized degree in Gambling Management. Yes, you heard that right, and it’s legit.

In an official announcement on Monday, the Macau Government made it clear that now students at the Instituto Politécnico de Macau (Macao Polytechnic Institute) will be able to have a specialization in Gambling Management.

While the Master’s Degree offered will be an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration), the students can have their specialization in Gambling Management. It will be on par with any other MBA including MBA in finance or human resource, for example.

The MBA in Gambling Management will be a full-time course. The classroom-based course will have mandatory attendance requirements as well.

Moreover, like most MBA programs, students will have to get 36 credits and will also submit a thesis on a topic in consultation with gambling management faculties and mentors.

For overseas candidates, the course will also be made available in English.

Gambling has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing at a significant pace. Macau, also referred to as the global gambling hub has several mega land-based casinos, online casinos and luxury integrated resorts.

Like any other industry the Gambling industry also requires trained and skilled professionals. The course is designed to help students understand the key responsibilities to develop skills to manage gambling operations.

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