32 Arrested In Singapore For Alleged Involvement In Illegal Horse Racing Betting

32 Arrested In Singapore For Alleged Involvement In Illegal Horse Racing Betting

In a series of raids at three different locations in Singapore, 32 suspects have been arrested for alleged involvement in illegal horse racing betting.

The officers from the Criminal Investigation Department conducted the raids in Jurong West, Chai Chee, and Hougang.

Of those arrested 29 are men and three women. The authority has said that the suspects were indulged in illegal horse racing betting and had been offering their services as illegal bookmakers, runners, and punters.

Several sophisticated betting equipment including high-end Mobile phones, pagers and betting records of clients and wagers placed were also seized during the raid.

The officers from the investigation department also seized S$12,490 ($9,200) in cash.

Singapore government has been strict on enforcing gambling compliance measures and is also strategically trying to reduce the number of people getting into gambling and related activities.

Earlier this month the Singapore government increased the levy for locals to enter the casinos by 50%. With the revised fee regulation in effect, a Singapore native would have to pay SGD 150 to enter a gambling facility for a single visit. The fee was earlier SGD 100. The annual levy has also been increased from SGD 2000 to SGD 3000.

Anybody found guilty of betting in Singapore can face a prison sentence for up to six months and also a fine of up to SGD 5000. Those found guilty of operating sports books or betting venues illegally can be fined between S$20,000 SGD and S$200,000 SGD.

In a statement to the press, the Singapore police said: “The police take a serious view against all forms of illegal betting activities and will continue to take tough enforcement action against those involved, regardless of their roles.”

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