Genting UK To Spend £750,000 Upgrading The Luton Casino

Genting UK To Spend £750,000 Upgrading The Luton Casino

The Luton Casino, owned and operated by global gaming and gambling giant Genting Group, is currently being upgraded with new amenities. Redesigning and redevelopment is also a part of the upgrade plan.

Revealing the details of the plan, Genting UK has said that they are going to spend around £750,000 on upgrading the Casino. The project includes improving the gaming room, poker room, the dining space, and the bar.

The company is adding one large gaming room to the existing infrastructure by joining the two separate gaming rooms. The idea is to have more slot machines by having additional space. With increased space, the company is also expecting to provide “better experience” to visitors and guests.

The company plans to increase the number of slot machines and also expand its arsenal of electronic terminals. With the upgrade, it is expected that the Luton Casino gaming room will have 40 slot machines compared to 28 at present. Also, the refurbished gaming room at the property will have four new electronic terminals installed.

The poker room will also be another completely redesigned upgrade to the property. The flooring and the decor are even being touched upon to enhance the visitor experience and the majestic and luxurious interiors.

Talking about the upgrade of the facility James Harvey, general manager at Genting Casino Luton said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce that the casino is undergoing a major new refurbishment. We want to improve our live gaming offering, and creating a larger gaming room and more intimate poker room will certainly enhance customers experience.

“The casino bar and lounge areas are a great place for customers to meet up with friends and socialize, and the upgrade will create a really welcoming atmosphere for everyone,” he added.

The entire refurbishment project is expected to be complete by May 2019.

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