Is Gambling Losing Its Charm Among Young Aussies?

Is Gambling Losing Its Charm Among Young Aussies?

According to a recent survey by the Roy Morgan Research, it is found that gambling is not as popular as it used to be amongst the younger Australians. The survey also shows that currently there are fewer Australians gambling than before.

As a part of the survey, in December 2018, 7000 people were asked if they had participated in any form of gambling including sports betting, online casinos or table and slot games in the past three months.

Based on the answers from the participants the survey estimated that around 47 percent of Australian adults had participated in some form of gambling in the past three months.

However, a similar survey in 2017 saw 50.1 percent participating in gambling activities and which was estimated 64.7% in a same study in 2008.

Of the younger Australians, the survey shows that only 25.7 percent participated in gambling activity in the past three months in December 2018. That is a significant decline from the figures in 2008.

Comparing the two reports from 2008 and 2018, the age group 25-34 demonstrated a decline of 19.2 points to 37.5% participation and the 35-49 bracket showed a decrease of 21.8 points to 46.4 percent.

The 18-24 age bracket shows minimum participation at just 4.7 percent while in 2008 it was 11.3 percent.

In the last ten years, several gambling products have also been witnessing decreased sales. The Sale of lottery tickets in Australia has come down from 56.4 percent to 40.1 percent over the last ten years.

The downfall in the number of Australians participating in gambling activities is notable. Australian, in general, has been known for their appetite for gambling. According to H2 Gambling Capital statistics in 2017 Australians topped the chart in per adult gambling losses with US$958. Other countries in the list were Hong Kong ($768), Singapore ($725), Finland ($515) and New Zealand ($454).

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