Delaware North Takes Miomni To Court, Alleges Breach Of Contract

Delaware North Takes Miomni To Court, Alleges Breach Of Contract

US-base casino operator Delaware North has dragged Miomni Gaming a UK-based gaming services provider alleging a breach of contract which led to significant losses for the company.

Delaware North was all set to take bets on NCAA’s basketball tournament March Madness which is also amongst the most prominent sports betting events in the country second to only NFL’s Super Bowl. This year’s March Madness broke all records as over $8.5 billion was wagered throughout the event.

However, Delaware North had to give up despite having everything in place to offer betting lines during the event. For them the problem arises as to their gaming partner, Miomni, fails to provide the services promised because of a dispute with s third party.

Following the non-providence of services, Delaware North severs ties with the UK-based gaming services provider, and now they have dragged them to the court alleging a breach of contract. The company seeks payback for incurred losses.

The company has alleged that Miomni Gaming officials misrepresented the company by not disclosing “a key part of the BetLucky sports-wagering platform.”

The partnership between the two companies survived for just about a year. Delaware North had partnered with Miomni Gaming in early 2018 to offer gaming services at their Mardi Gras Casino & Resort and Wheeling Island Hotel Casino. However, following the event Delaware North announced that sports betting will be indefinitely unavailable at its two casinos.

While it was expected that the two casinos would soon begin sports betting operations by 2018 fall, it kept on getting delayed, and the reasons for the delay was never made public. With the BetLucky platform sudden closure on March 6, Delaware North could not offer sports betting lines for the March Madness event.

The company has said that after severing ties with the gaming services provider, they had no other way but to sue them and get payback.

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