Indiana Sports Betting Bill To Include Mobile Betting

Indiana Sports Betting Bill To Include Mobile Betting

Mobile sports betting could be legal in Indiana as there has been an agreement amongst state lawmakers over including mobile sports betting in the sports betting bill which was approved by the house earlier this month.

Today the house negotiators agreed to include legalization of mobile sports betting which was dropped from the bill earlier. Republican senator Mark Messmer argued that legalizing sports betting but not allowing it on mobile or over the internet doesn’t serve the purpose as a majority of sports betting is done online and through mobile devices.

The bill approved by the house earlier allowed for sports betting only at casinos and licensed gambling venues.

According to the latest from the associated press Senator Messmer has said that “not allowing sports wagering through smartphones would be an unreasonable limit and that House negotiators had agreed to the change.”

The bill has also faced opposition from various other lawmakers. Those particularly opposing the inclusion of mobile betting have said that this move will allow underage players access to sports betting. They have also contended that with mobile sports betting the illegal betting will be on the rise and drain the state of potential tax revenues.

The sports betting bill passed earlier also has provisions for moving the two Gary casinos and creating a separate license for the Terre Haute casino.

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