Japan Reveals Plan To Tackle Problem Gambling Ahead Of Awarding Its First Integrated Resort Licenses

Japan Reveals Plan To Tackle Problem Gambling Ahead Of Awarding Its First Integrated Resort Licenses

Japan has been accepting bids for the award of Integrated Resort licenses as a part of the gambling expansion in the country. However, while the authorities are yet to award the licenses, the government has come up with a plan to further protect its citizens against gambling addiction.

According to reports in the Japanese media, the government has approved a basic plan which introduces several measures for existing and upcoming gambling facilities. The program includes removal of cash withdrawal machines from pachinko parlors, and all government operated gambling facilities. These also include the horse racing tracks and keirin cycle tracks.

Earlier this year in March Japan had issued orders to limit casino and gambling advertisements to immigration areas only. The move was aimed at making casino and gambling adverts less visible to the local population.

The idea behind removing cash withdrawal machines from such facilities is that once it is difficult to take out cash at these gambling venues the number of wagers placed will be less. In a way, it is a deterrent measure for players to indulge in gambling activities and can be successful in limiting those who suffer from compulsive gambling issues.

The plan also asks for creating a system to keep underage players away from gambling facilities. This involves supporting research work to device an identification system which can be deployed to restrict underage and problem gamblers from participating in gambling activities.

Limiting gambling advertisements and issuing warnings along with gambling adverts mentioning the possible harms of indulging in gambling activities is also a part of the plan.

In a statement to the press, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, “We will create a healthy society by implementing thoroughly measures based on the basic plan to prevent people from finding themselves in difficult situations.”

While Japan is all set for gambling expansion in the country by awarding new integrated casino resort licenses, the new measures are to restrict and demotivate the local population from participating in gambling activities.

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