Gambling Operators In Italy, Apprehensive Of New Ad Restrictions

Gambling Operators In Italy, Apprehensive Of New Ad Restrictions

Gambling operators in Italy are concerned over the new gambling Ads restrictions which are yet to be finalized. Earlier, last week the country’s gambling regulator Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (Agcom) had announced that they have already drafted the new gambling advertisement code. New regulations restricting gambling adverts were announced last August.

The new rules and restrictions have not come into effect, and it is yet to be brought in the public domain. However, according to the reports in the Italian media, the regulatory body has already announced its advertising guidelines for licensed gambling operators in the country.

From the details emerging in the local media, it is clear that the land-based gambling venues can continue to display corporate logos on the condition that the logos or the signs do not promote gambling in any form.

Also, these signs outside gambling venues should not promote gambling offers or promise of winnings as such.

The Italian government has announced that they are committed to addressing the issues of problem gambling and the new restrictions on gambling advertisements is a part of the government’s revised policies.

Moreover, the government wants to restrict gambling operators from sponsoring sports teams as it would defeat the purpose of limiting gambling advertisements. The idea is to make gambling advertisements nearly invisible to the local population.

However, Agcom, the gambling regulator seems to be soft on such measures.

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