Russia To Ban Sale Of Online Instant Lottery Tickets

Russia To Ban Sale Of Online Instant Lottery Tickets

The government in Russia has been active in protecting customers from threats of illegal gambling networks. As such, in its bid to further crackdown on illegal gambling rings operating under instant online lottery schemes and actively seeking participation of locals, the Russian Ministry of finance is campaigning to put an end to sale of instant lottery tickets online.

The instant online lotteries work differently and are not like traditional lottery tickets where the winners are announced after a draw and the dates are transparent and scheduled.

With instant online lottery tickets, as soon as a customer purchases a lottery ticket online he gets to know the results. Also, because these results are already pre decided the chances of manipulation are high.

Illegal gambling operators make use of such schemes and customers are often vulnerable to scams. To ensure better compliance standards and to protect the customer the Ministry of finance has proposed to ban all such instant online lottery tickets.

The Ministry has also said that they are planning to limit the maximum prize fund. They have proposed that the maximum prize fund of any lottery should not exceed a total of 70 percent of the revenues generated from the sale of the tickets.

To increase state revenues from sale of lottery tickets the authority has said that the deduction from the revenues generated from the sale of lottery tickets should be transferred to the Federal revenue.
Currently the lotteries in Russia is offered through the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Sports.

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