Eight Arrested As Police Raid Illegal Gambling Dens In Kuala Lumpur

Eight Arrested As Police Raid Illegal Gambling Dens In Kuala Lumpur

The police in Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpur raided two different locations on Tuesday and Wednesday arresting eight people who were operating illegal online gambling websites from separate locations but on the same premises.

The first raid was made around 2:45 am, and six people were arrested. Of those arrested, four are from Bangladesh and two locals. According to the reports from China press the suspects had been using the premises for operating illegal online gambling activities.

Police have also seized several devices and pieces of equipment to facilitate gambling activities. They have taken a terminal, a modem and 15 laptops from the suspects. An undisclosed amount of cash was also recovered.

In the other raid on Wednesday, the police arrested a man and a woman both aged 30 and 31 respectively on charges of operating illegal gambling from a different location but on the same premises.

Police suspect that the group was trying to set up a full fledged online gambling center. Sixteen laptops along with other gambling devices were seized.

In a statement to the press, the Kuala Lumpur police said that they are committed to making the city clean from any illegal gambling activities. He also pointed out that more raids could follow.

Police Chief of the Dang Wangi district in Kuala Lumpur also appealed to the public and asked them to report any illegal gambling activity to the Anti-Vice, Gambling, and Secret Societies Division (D7) unit, a particular police unit.

Gambling in Malaysia is controlled by the Betting Act 1953 and nearly all forms gambling both online and offline are considered illegal in the country.

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