Kolkata Police Arrests Four Suspects Accused Of Cricket Betting In IPL

Kolkata Police Arrests Four Suspects Accused Of Cricket Betting In IPL

On Tuesday, in the eastern Indian metropolitan city of Kolkata, the police arrested four suspects who were allegedly involved in betting during the ongoing IPL (Indian Premier League) season. The accused have been charged with betting on the yesterday’s CSK (Chennai Super Kings) vs. SRH (Sunrisers Hyderabad) game played in Chennai.

IPL is the world’s biggest T-20 cricketing event and has been quite popular amongst gamblers and punters. While gambling and all games of chance are mostly illegal across the country, it has been noticed that especially during the IPL season, there are increased illicit gambling activities.

For the Kolkata Police, this was the second arrest in the IPL season. Earlier police had also arrested suspects on charges of organized cricket betting on IPL matches in the national capital Delhi.

The police confiscated thirty mobile phones, several laptops, a unique betting device for cricket betting, and betting records from the suspects.

In their statement to the press, the police have said that they had inputs about illegal betting activities and following the tip, they organized the raid and have successfully managed to capture the suspects.

Gambling in India is illegal with only a few states allowing lottery in their jurisdiction. Casinos are only permitted in Goa where there is a debate ongoing to shift the gambling venues on land.

Recently in its bid to put an end to all forms of illegal gambling served in the guise of video games, the government in Gujarat, a western state in India, banned many different online video games.

The arrested suspects will be put before the court today.

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