Sports Betting Bill Approved By The House In Tennessee

Sports Betting Bill Approved By The House In Tennessee

Following the Supreme Court’s decision that legalized sports betting and allowed states to decide the same, several US states have legalized sports betting.

On the way to join the club is Tennessee where the House approved a bill to legalize online and mobile sports betting on Wednesday. As the bill passes the first major hurdle, it will now move to the Senate for approval.

The critical arguments made by those supporting the bill is that legalizing sports betting will help the state earn some tax revenue; it will also put a check on illegal gambling activities once the market is regulated; and with the market being controlled and regulated consumers will also be safe who are otherwise vulnerable to illegal gambling operations.

On the other hand, those in opposition, which included mostly Republican senators, have said that the gambling expansion with this new bill will only lead to increased gambling addiction, and that the state will have extra burden to create facilities for treatment of problem gamblers.

Tennessee’s Republican Gov. Bill Lee has been a staunch critic of any gambling expansion, and he maintained his stand opposing the new bill.

Many other states have already legalized sports betting, and those in the process are Montana, Iowa, and Indiana. Iowa has recently moved very close to legalizing sports betting as the bill has already been voted and approved by the Senate. Only the official approval of the state governor is pending to make sports betting legal in Iowa.

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