Wynn Resorts Knocking At New Jersey’s Online Gaming Market

Wynn Resorts Knocking At New Jersey’s Online Gaming Market

New Jersey has a massive online gaming and gambling market, and Wynn Resorts is all set to expand in the state. Recently Scientific Games, a Wynn Resorts gaming partner announced that they are working in collaboration with the gambling and hospitality giant to get into the online sports and gaming market in New Jersey.

Scientific Games, a gaming services provider also claimed that Wynn Resorts has plans in place to launch in New Jersey with gaming systems and sports betting software which they have been developing exclusively for their partner.

While it isn’t unexpected for Wynn to enter the market, experts are questioning the move as to whether it will make the market highly competitive and oust smaller players. However, reports also suggest that the online casino and gaming market in New Jersey will grow and therefore, there is always space for even big players like Wynn Resorts.

Currently, it is still unclear as to which license provider will be partnering with Wynn to let their new endeavor take off. Wynn Resorts do not own or operate any casino or gambling in New Jersey, as such, chances are that the company has already found a licensed partner; however, following the statement released by Scientific Games, it is just a matter of time when the partners are disclosed.

Going by the reports in the local press, Ocean Casino Resort could be Wynn’s new gaming partner in New Jersey. The likelihood of Ocean Casino Resort to partner with Wynn increases. Recently, they have not been performing according to their expectation as far as revenues from gambling operations are concerned.

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