GVC Chief Calls For A Ban On Gambling Adverts During All Televised Sports

GVC Chief Calls For A Ban On Gambling Adverts During All Televised Sports

Kenny Alexander, CEO of GVC holdings one of the leading market players in the British gaming and gambling industry has suggested that operators should stop advertising gambling products during all televised sports and not just football except horse racing.

GVC holdings that also owns and operates bookmakers Ladbrokes Coral is also planning to cancel all jersey sponsorship deals ensuring that people watching football games and their favorite players are not exposed to gambling adverts, Daily Mail reports.

It all started last year when gambling operators across the country had agreed not to air any gambling adverts during live football matches before 9 Pm. The plan will come into effect this season from August.

However, taking a dig at the current measures to limit gambling advertisements Mr. Alexander says it is just touching the tip. As such he proposed that all gambling Ads on all televised sports games should be banned except for horse racing.

Explaining why he wants the adverts banned round the clock, Kenny said: “I saw first-hand the damage that problem gambling can do when I visited a rehabilitation center. It can be destructive and can often leave problem gamblers with little hope. While this is the minority of those that gamble, it has a real impact on them and their family and friends. This is something we need to tackle head-on ––not tinkering around the edges – to minimize the impact gambling-related harm can cause.”

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been very strict with gambling-related adverts in the country. In their new business plan for the coming fiscal year, they have emphasized on consumer protection and restricting gambling advertisements to ensure that those facing issues of compulsive gambling are not exposed to adverts that urges them to participate in gambling activities.

Earlier this year, the gambling regulator had also banned gambling adverts on all such sites which could be accessed by children and where they are more likely to be exposed to gambling Ads.

A research report has also found gambling addiction amongst teenager and children are at an all-time high and on the rise in the UK. The research found that one in seven children is actively involved in gambling activities.

The lawmakers are equally concerned about the growing menace of problem gambling. With the labor party parliamentarians demanding that the government should ban all forms of gambling on credit, those in the government have acknowledged the concerns and have said that they are seeking recommendations from the UKGC to make a move towards restricting all gambling activities with credit cards.

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