Nevada Gaming Revenues Up 6.3 Percent In March

Nevada Gaming Revenues Up 6.3 Percent In March

According to the latest March figures posted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the state casinos exceeded $1 billion in winnings and the gaming revenues for the state is up 6.3 percent.

The winnings are consistent, and there’s hasn’t been a significant change for the same period last year.

For March the cumulative winning of all licensed casinos in the state was $.02 billion. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released the figures on Thursday.

The posted figures represent a slight increase from the previous month despite being the same when compared with March 2018.

The sportsbooks in the state had made record revenues because of the NCAA’s March Madness, a college level basketball tournament which saw record betting in recent years.

Of all the casinos in the state, the Las Vegas Strip Casinos made half of the total winnings posted. The Gaming Control Board also said that the house winnings have dropped by around 4 percent year-on-year to approximately $552 million.

The overall revenues for the state have risen. State tax revenues for the month of March was up 6.3% year-on-year.

Earlier, in February the total revenue generated by the casinos operating in the state crossed the $1 billion mark and was approximately $1.012 billion.

The revenue posted were 0.62% less when compared to revenues generated in February last year. Though the revenues increased in comparison to January 2019. In January the total cumulative revenue was $984.5 million.

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