Nine People Arrested On Charges Of Illegal Gambling In Fort Worth, Texas

Nine People Arrested On Charges Of Illegal Gambling In Fort Worth,Texas

Police have arrested nine people on Wednesday, on charges of illicit gambling activities in Fort Worth, Texas.

The police raided a smoke shop in north Fort Worth after they had a warrant to search the premises.

The Triple Seven Smoke Shop, on the 28th street, was raided as police had prior information of ongoing illegal gambling activities on the premises.

The investigators have seized eight-liner slot machines from the makeshift game room on the premises.

The arrests were made on outstanding warrants issued for suspects present and allegedly involved with the illegal gambling operations.

The smoke shop which has a website mentions that the premises are open twenty-four hours.

While the investigations are ongoing Police has said that of those arrested are customers who were gambling at the premises and also the operators who used to run the smoke shop.

Also, David McCray, 45, and Ahmed Alsabahi, 21 arrested after the raids have been previously charged with promoting gambling.

Seven others facing the charge of gambling are Arlene Rodriguez, 41, Jason Hastings, 38, Ramiro Gonzales-Cordora, 25, Bryant Soles, 38, Earl Comer, 57, Christopher Nuckolls, 37, and Jose Mendez, 62.

The reports from the local media say that two other women suspects were also taken into custody; however, there is not much information about their warrants.

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