DApp Gambling Platform On The Tron Network Disappears, Players Left With Worthless Tokens

DApp Gambling Platform On The Tron Network Disappears, Players Left With Worthless Tokens

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming popular in the online gambling and gaming industry. Several online gambling platforms including decentralized applications that allow players to wager with digital tokens have sprung up in the past 12 months.

However, consumer protection and compliance issues linger as players are often vulnerable to scams on such platforms.

One such decentralized app and gambling platform, Doo Tron has recently just disappeared in thin air with several players left with useless tokens.

Doo Tron is based on the Tron network and has been popular amongst players who preferred decentralized gambling applications.

According to the estimates over 59 million DOO tokens owned by 1,204 investors, were still in circulation when the platform just disappeared.

The number of decentralized gambling applications has risen in the past year, and the TRON network is the preferred choice of developers. Over 50% of the DAPPS on the Tron’s Blockchain is related to DAPP’s.

Earlier this month TRON had said in a press release that they are with the Japanese government in their fight to curb illegal gambling as Japan had raised concerns that Tron based gambling Dapps are targeting Japanese players. Online gambling is illegal in Japan.

The government has also banned all gambling adverts except in immigration areas to protect natives from exposure to gambling adverts in the country.

The token owners and players who have their DOO tokens frozen have taken to social media platforms to express their concerns.

While it is still unclear if any formal investigation is underway, an official response from Tron management is yet to come.

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