Did You Know Which US States Are Most Addicted To Gambling?

Did You Know Which US States Are Most Addicted To Gambling?

Gambling is considered as adult entertainment; however, there is no denying that it can be addictive. There is an increasing number of those suffering from gambling addiction. in the US and also in many other countries across the globe.

While gambling is regulated in the US the number of gambling addicts is on the rise. Studies estimate that between 1-3 percent of adults in the US are directly or indirectly affected by gambling addiction.

The extent of how prevalent gambling is in the US can be estimated from the fact that Americans lose over $100 billion every year in gambling.

Gambling addiction is also a health issue, and more and more governments are now changing their policies towards treating compulsive gambling.

It has also been noted that people in responsible positions are also vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Recently in the UK the government not only banned gambling on credit but has also revised its approach to tackling gambling problems. UKGC, the country’s gambling authority has said that they will be treating gambling as a potential disease.
A recent study aimed at analyzing the extent of gambling addiction in the US has revealed details which are not as surprising.

Of the top gambling addicted states in the US, as per the study is Nevada, followed by South Dakota.

Here’s a list of the top five gambling addicted states in the US:

1. Nevada
2. South Dakota
3. Montana
4. Mississippi
5. Oklahoma

It is also found that an average male US gambler creates a debt for himself in between $55,000 and $90,000 while a female gambler averages $15,000.

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