Illegal Online Gambling Ring Busted In Vietnam, 22 Arrested So Far

Illegal Online Gambling Ring Busted In Vietnam, 22 Arrested So Far

Vietnam police have busted an online gambling ring arresting 22 people on Saturday. The reports suggest that the illegal online gambling operations were in excess of $ 1 billion, making it the country’s biggest organized illicit betting syndicate.

According to the Thanh Nien newspaper, Vietnam’s national daily, a series of raids were conducted in several parts of the country after it was found that a gambling ring is involved in processing approximately $1.28 billion through illegal gambling operations.

According to the Vietnam police, the modus operandi of the gambling ring was to get gamblers to buy virtual tokens by depositing funds in a bank account.

The website provided soccer betting online and, once the money was deposited to purchase virtual tokens, they were distributed into multiple accounts. With small amounts in thousands of accounts, the suspects managed to evade the authorities.

Gambling is illegal in Vietnam. Of the 22 arrested 12 of them are charged with organizing the gambling ring.

Last week on Thursday, Vietnam Police had arrested Chief Inspector of Vietnamese Information Ministry for his alleged involvement in a $427 million illegal organized gambling syndicate. He was charged with shielding the suspects by taking undue advantage of his position.

The gambling ring was busted last year in which 91 people were arrested including some top officials working with the Vietnamese government.

The raids on Saturday have exposed by the biggest illegal gambling operations in the country.

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