Letters Issued To Gambling Operators Urging Them To Ensure Consumer Protection

Letters Issued To Gambling Operators Urging Them To Ensure Consumer Protection

A joint letter on behalf of Gambling Commission for England, Scotland and Wales, and UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been issued to licensed gambling operators urging them to comply with the existing regulations and ensure higher standards of consumer protection.

The letters have been served after a study conducted by the joint gambling commission and CMA, reported that the operators have not been responsible with gambling regulations and there have been multiple violations of consumer protection guidelines.

The report claims that there are several shortcomings in the remote gambling sector on the part of the licensed operators. These are mostly in regards to transparency and misleading adverts promising online casino bonuses and complex withdrawal processes.

The letter also urges licensed operators to proactively make efforts to ensure consumer protection rather than just following the published guidelines.

It calls for operators to get their terms and conditions audited independently and look into their existing business practices. The operators are also required to review and update their terms and conditions regularly.

Reminding the operators about the Commission’s license conditions and codes of practice revised in October last year, the letter directs them to make sure that any affiliates and third-party suppliers they associated with are also complying with the codes.

The letter reads: “Making changes to promotions and withdrawal practices is an important start, but it is only one aspect of achieving compliance. More needs to be done by the sector to win back consumer trust. The best operators going forward will be those who lead by example, build on the work undertaken by the CMA and treat customers fairly and responsibly. The Commission will continue to look at how firms treat consumers and the terms and practices that they employ when assessing suitability to hold a gambling license.”

Last week the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) published its new national gambling policy in which it emphasized on consumer protection and introducing compliance measures.

Also, the commission had asked for a mandatory levy for gamblers; however, the government has denied accepting the recommendation which has led to a tremendous backlash from the opposition leaders.

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