UK Government Disapproves Of The Gambling Commission’s Mandatory Levy

UK Government Disapproves Of The Gambling Commission’s Mandatory Levy

The UK government has been facing widespread criticism for not approving the UKGC’S (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) recommendation to impose a mandatory levy for those participating in gambling activities.

Earlier last week the UKGC had proposed a mandatory levy for using gambling venues in the country. The gambling regulator had said that the funds raised from the levy would be used towards helping gambling addicts in their treatment.

According to the estimates given by the gambling commission, the mandatory levy would generate £58 million more in funding every year. Bill Moyes, chairman UKGC, had revealed the estimates while releasing the commission’s new national strategy last week.

However, the recommendation has been ignored by the sports ministry. Sports minister Mims Davies has said that the new proposal is just amongst many other options which may be considered by the government at a later stage. He reiterated that there is no immediate need to impose a mandatory levy as the voluntary levy system in place seems to be working.

The government has been facing immense criticism for turning down the recommendations from the UKGC.

Deputy leader of the Labor party said: It’s outrageous that this Tory government is ignoring its own statutory adviser’s call for a mandatory levy on gambling companies to fund support for problem gamblers. Both the regulator and the industry agree that the current levy system needs to change to increase the level of support, but true to form, this government is dragging its heels.

Earlier last week the UKGC had released its new policy on gambling in which they said that now they will be looking at gambling activities as a potential disease. The commission had also introduced several measures to check gambling addiction which is on the rise in the UK.

The government’s stand on the mandatory levy is also facing criticism as there have been voices expressing concerns over rising gambling addiction in the country.

Last week, GVC chief also said that they would want to see a blanket ban on gambling adverts during all televised sports except horse racing.

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