Kindred Group Asked To Wrap Up Their Business In Norway

Kindred Group Asked To Wrap Up Their Business In Norway

Norwegian Gaming Authority, Lottstift, has ordered Trannel International, a Kindred Group subsidy operating in Norway, to warp up its business and shut down operations in the country.

The Kindred group had already launched a legal battle against the gambling regulator’s orders and has contested the current ban has no legitimate grounds and that it is beyond unjust to ask them to close their operations in Norway.

Kindred subsidiary Trannel International owns and operates online betting sites Maria Casino, Grand Piano, and – all of which have been banned from operations in Norway.

Lottsift, the country’s gambling authority has said that these sites were offering illegal gaming and gambling services in the country. The regulator has made it clear that these sites were operating without explicit and mandatory permission from the authorities and as such their operations are illegal.

Announcing the ban, Lottsift, also revealed that they had already warned the operator earlier in February and then another notification letter was dispatched in April.

Kindred group has called the decision unfair and illegal. They have said that the company is lawfully operating internationally and therefore the Norwegian gambling regulator has no right to order them to shut their business for Norwegians.

They have also claimed that such a decision by the gambling regulator is not within its jurisdiction and have said that they will contest this decision.

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