Fantasy Sports On Its Way To Legalization In Texas

Fantasy Sports On Its Way To Legalization In Texas

Fantasy sports are about to be legalized in Texas. The house in Texas has passed a bill calling for fantasy sports to be classified under a game of skill. The house representatives have voted in favor of House Bill 2303, proposed by Rep. Joe Moody.

The lawmakers voted 116-27 in favor of the bill. However, the Bill is to be voted again in the house after discussions before it is passed on to the Senate, and then for official approval from the state governor.

In fantasy sports, players are chosen before the game to form a team, and depending upon their real-time performance a winner is declared. Participants can create a team by selecting players through an app or on an online portal. They can also track the performance and compare their teams with that of the other users’.

The bill calls for classifying fantasy sports under the game of skill and therefore make it legal in the state. Texas is one of the most conservative US states as far as legal gambling and betting is concerned.

Talking about the bill Rep. Joe Moody said that, “House Bill 2303 simply seeks to clarify state law and confirm that skill-based fantasy sports are legal and therefore not an act of gambling. It’s very similar to what 19 other states in the country have done in recent years, and the United States Congress made this change in 2006.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time such a bill has been brought before the house in Texas. Earlier attempts to legalize fantasy sports have failed.

Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance spokesman, Scott Dunaway, welcomed the move and in his statement to the press he said that “We look forward to continued progress in the Texas Legislature to protect fantasy sports players and Texas-based businesses supporting this industry and this much-needed modernization of the Texas Penal Code.”

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