Pennsylvania Casino Slot Machine Revenue Down 2.8 Percent In April

Pennsylvania Casino Slot Machine Revenue Down 2.8 Percent In April

Slot Machine revenues at Pennsylvania casinos have taken a hit in April.

Today, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has released figures of slot machine revenue generated by its 12 licensed casinos for the previous month.

The total revenues generated from slot machines across 12 casinos in the state during April is reported to be $200,359,403. However, for the same period the previous year, the casinos generated $206,178,528. There is a 2.8 percent decline in slot machine revenues in Pennsylvania for April 2019.

Earlier in March Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board had posted a 2.37 percent year-on-year increase in revenues from the slot machines at state casinos.

Also in March this year, the gross revenues generated by the 12 state casinos in was the third highest individual month from the play of slot machines, ranking only behind March 2012 ($233,147,479) and March 2013($229,335,372).

Here are details of the slot machine revenues generated by each casino:

Earlier this week the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania struck off a part of the 2017 gambling expansion bill which allowed the state to collect 0.5 percent of all slot revenues from casinos to fund a Casino Marketing and Capital Development Account.

The funds from the account were to be used to help under-performing casinos in the state to promote their business.

A group of casinos had alleged that the collection of revenues from performing businesses to fund under-performing casinos was simply unfair.

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